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Our offer

Our offer

Our offer includes over 3000 items.
In this range you can find all types of furniture (living-room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.), in different styles (modern, classical, avant-garde, timeless) and in a wide price range.


In menu CATEGORIES entire range has been divided into sections by type of furniture: desks, office chairs, benches, glass tables, etc., and by manufacturers such as MEBEL-PARTNER, BOGFRAN FURNITURE, FURNITURE FORTE, SZYNAKA FURNITURE.

Searching by type for example , desks, all you need to do is just check categories, where all the desks are available in our offer. However, if you are looking for a specific manufacturer for example BOGFRAN FURNITURE, please check the category BOGFRAN FURNITURE and then subcategory desks.

Searching engine

Searching products by using the search engine is the second of the possible forms of browsing our store. Just enter a key word and click search. 

Majority search engines, including search engine on allegro.pl search products by gaining key word just from the product name or title of auction. Our search engine finds and displays all products all from our shop that include key word in title, short description or main description of product. It is very important to give a word that describe searching product the most ,or include relevant features of this product.

For example: if you look for a desk in the alder color type "alder desk," and if you look for a 160cm bed in wenge color, type "160 wenge bed" looking for room furniture in a classic style, type: "living room furniture classic," etc. Looking for a room furniture in classic style ,type ,,classic room furniture” etc.

Each product we try to describe that contains all necessary information such as: name, size, color, style, manufacturer, guarantee, delivery time.